Certified Esthetician Training  - ADVANCED ESTHETICS HAWAII

6 hours personal one on one session $950.00
Three 2 hour detail training sessions
Includes quality check day 1 and final session.
Required to provide your own models.
Schedule may customized to fit your needs! 

Available to licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologist

  • Refine current facial technique
  • Skin Consultation and Contraindications    
  • Basic skin analysis, understanding skin types vs. skin conditions
  • Product selection and creating a customized home care regime
  • Facial sponge, towel, brush techniques
  • Facial cleanse and massage routine
  • Exfoliating concepts physical vs. chemical
  • Extractions
  • Getting your timing down in preparation for back to back clients

Give a facial and receive a facial hands on critique sessions to assist in refining your hands on technique.

Recommended for technical interview preparation.


A 18 hour Certified Program
Six 3-hour sessions

Schedule may customized to fit your needs! 
Licensed Cosmetologist wanting to specialize in basic skin care and to offer a deluxe
facial.  Also for Estheticians that have been out of the field and seeking to return to the booming profession or bring present skill to the next level of Esthetics!

Trainees will be required to complete homework assignments.

Objective: Trainee to offer a facial with the highest expectations technically and verbally.

For Licensed Cosmetologist and for Estheticians that have been out of the field and seeking to return to the growing field of Esthetics!

Trainee goals:
  • To study and understand skin care theory.
  • To develop hands on techniques.
  • To perform a full facial
  • Setting up, breaking down treatment room
  • Proper draping importance of Client comfort
  • Warm towel and sponge use
  • Facial cleanse routine
  • European Facial Massage Routine
  • Development for the comfort utilizing 
  •          magnifying lamp
  •          steamer
  •          facial brush must purchase clarisonic brush
  • Physiology of the skin
  • Layers of the Skin
  • pH of skin
  • Understanding UVA UVB rays and the importance for sunscreen
  • Skin Analysis learn to  identify:
  •          skin types
  •          skin conditions
  • Contraindications
  • Extractions
  • Understand the importance of home care 
  • Developing a customized regime for your client to assist in improving clients skin concerns. 
  • Increase revenues via  retail, re-booking of clients, levels of decontamination, blood borne pathogens .

Groom to prepare for your technical interview and or achieve refinement to build and retain your clientele.